Evolutionary Engineering AG
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8005 Zürich
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EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG

EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG was founded in 2004 as an incorporated company by Oliver König, Marc Wintermantel and Nino Zehnder just finished with their PhD theses in the field of Structural Optimization at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Currently EVEN employs 12 people for engineering services and software development.

From the research work of the three founders at the Centre of Structure Technologies, a new generation of optimization methods and tools based on Evolutionary Algorithms emerged, which allow to virtually optimize any problem that can be simulated by computers in a reasonable way. During recent years, these methods have already proven their superior efficiency in many applications, e.g. in Formula 1 racing, MotoGP racing, America's Cup sailing, or on aerospace parts. Out of this experience EVEN developed the optimization platform OpLyX.

Through the close collaboration with different Formula 1 teams EVEN started developing concepts for efficient Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI) algorithms. Out of this the FSI-software CoLyX emerged with the unique possibility to handle the mesh-morphing of huge CFD-models as they are used today in many areas.

As the most recent software development ComPoLyX joined the family of EVEN's software portfolio. ComPoLyX provides advanced composite failure analysis including some unique algorithms that allow to calculate interlaminar shear and normal stresses out of standard layered-shell FEM-models.